The burka is a full-face covering veil.

There is a penalty in France for wearing one. The penalty is a fine of more than $200.

I think that is really dumb because everyone should be able to wear what they want to, not to mention that the womwn in France wear burkas as part of their Muslim beliefs. In France the Catholic people can wear a cross and the Muslims can’t wear a burka? That, in my opinion, is bigotry or maybe religionism (discrimination of a religion. Like racism is of a race, religionism is of a religion… I think). (I don’t know what religion you are, but) How would you feel if you got banned from wearing whatever religious symbol you believe in? Back to the clothes issue, why can’t they wear whatever they want? The women are not hurting anybody. If the burkas had lasers that left you blind when you look at them then I would agree with the law, but they don’t, they are just an innocent piece of cloth (or whatever it is) draped over a female face. So, to conclude this entry all I’ll say is:

WHAT IS THE FRENCH GOVERNMENT’S PROBLEM? (By the way, I have nothing against France, it actually is a very interesting country that I’d like to visit one day. The Eiffel Tower, the culture, the food… France is great, but this law defineltly is not)

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